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We are a highly specialized work team in giving the right answer to your needs.

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GPS International Supplier LLC. We are a highly specialized comprehensive services company, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions in chemical products, drilling fluids, administration and supply of professional and specialized technical personnel, as well as environmental solutions supported by high technologies and thus give the right answer to your needs.

GPS covers solutions for the national industry, especially the oil, refining, gas processing, petrochemical and coal industries. Similarly, it provides professional services in a wide variety of areas, through a combination of field work and proven technical experience.

Founded in 2005, GPS has grown rapidly and has consolidated itself technically and financially to respond to the changing and demanding needs of the market, establishing a presence in the most strategic points of the country in order to effectively serve our clients.

The work philosophy of Global Petroleum Services consists of a systemic approach to the execution of activities, which allows the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions that last over time and guarantee the initially estimated added value.


Our mission is contribute in the oil industries, petrochemical, gas, mining, food processing, pharmaceutical and industries in general, in the continuous improvement of its processes, helping to increase the life of your equipments with our multidisciplinary team, with extensive experience in the field , the support of the companies we represent and our technical services teams, ensuring the correct selection of equipment, after-sales, repairs and maintenance.


Our vision is being a leader internationally business in the provision of equipment and high quality services, improving processes of our customers with advanced technology products and supported by the continuous development of our team.

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Eco Friendly

Our solutions and products comply with world standards for environmental protection.


The Newest Technology Products

Our products are constantly evolving to offer innovation and quality.


Proven Experience and Highly Trained Professionals

Our staff of professionals have the experience and training to provide quality services and be able to develop your projects with the greatest efficiency.

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